Meet the team


Radiotarget is a pioneer in the production of radiopharmaceuticals in Brazil and today has a multidisciplinary and multinational team: radiochemists, pharmacists, biomedics and managers from Brazil, Portugal and Cuba. Radiotarget believes that the environment of cultural diversity and customs is a differential in scientific development and progression, since innovation and adaptability are essential characteristics for the entrepreneur in today’s globalized world.

Dr. Sofia Nascimento dos Santos

Founder and CEO of Radiotarget – Graduated in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (2007), Master’s degree in Human Molecular Biology from the University of Lisbon, Portugal (2009). In 2011 she was selected to start her doctorate in the Post-Graduation Program in Oncology of USP´s Medical school (FMUSP). During this period she conducted her studies on the biology of cancer and on the characterization of molecular mechanisms involved in tumor progression such as resistance to chemotherapy and tumor angiogenesis. She had the opportunity to visit (for 2 years) and collaborate with Prof. Adrian Harris from Oxford University, UK. Since 2016, she has been involved as an entrepreneur in the field of Radiopharmacy, where her objective is to apply the SPECT/PET/CT molecular imaging methods in the investigation of the mechanisms responsible for the development of cancer and, consequently, in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer with radiopharmaceuticals.


Dr. Martha Sahylí Ortega Pijeira

Researcher at Radiotarget –  She is graduated and holds a Master’sdegree in Radiochemistry from the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies (Instec), Cuba. In 2019 she obtained her PhD in Nuclear Technology-Applications at the IPEN Radiopharmacy Center (2019). She held a five-month internship at the Department of Molecular Oncology, Vancouver Cancer Agency, British Columbia, Canada, under the guidance of Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin and Dr. François Bénard, supported by the Canadian government in 2016-2017. She is currently involved in the Preclinical evaluation of a new radiotracer for diagnostic purposes in immunoinflammatory diseases that express the receptor type 1 of Angiotensin II.

Dr. Arian Nario Perez

Researcher at Radiotarget Holds a Degree in Radiochemistry at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies (Instec), Cuba. Radiopharmaceutical from 2013 to 2015 at the Hospital, Center for Medical and Surgical Research (CIMEQ), Havana, Cuba. In 2020 he obtained his PhD from the Nuclear Technology program at the Radiopharmacy Center of IPEN. From January to June 2018 he completed a six-month internship at the Department of Organic Chemistry and the Oncology Department of the Cancer Institute of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, under the guidance of Dr. Frederick West and Dr. Frank Wuest, with support from the Canadian government. He is currently involved in the design of 18F-radiolabeled 2-nitroimidazole-glycopeptides for the identification of hypoxic areas in the tumor microenvironment.

Andy González Rivera

Colaborator researcher at Radiotarget – Graduated in Radiochemistry at Instituto Superior de Tecnologias e Applied Sciences (Instec), 2018, Cuba. In June 2019 he strated his studies in the PhD program of Nuclear Technology at the Radiopharmacy Center of IPEN.